With world-class brands like Nitobond and Nitotile, we are a leading provider of adhesives for tiling and structural grade bonding.

Concrete Admixtures

Leaders in concrete admixtures – products to modify and improve the properties of fresh and hardened concrete or mortar.

Cement Additives

Our additives can enhance cement quality, improve grinding efficiency, and reduce production costs.

Concrete Repair

Our protective systems and repair materials can help prolong the life of structures way beyond their original design.

Grout & Anchors

Our wide range of cement and resin-based products to fill voids and resin-anchoring systems help strengthen and protect.

Industrial Flooring

With an unrivalled range of market leading flooring products, we deliver complete flooring solutions, from design to installation.

Joint Sealants

Trust Fosroc’s expert knowledge of joint design and sealant technology to help you choose the right product.

Protective Coatings

We deliver top-to-bottom protection with our superior protective coating technology, including world class brands Dekguard and Nitcote.


Fosroc delivers a full range of world-class waterproofing systems from basement to roof, including waterproof membranes and waterstops.

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