We help waterproof and protect structures worldwide against chemical attacks, joint-leaks, cracks and surface corrosion.

The physical integrity of structures within the water industry depends largely upon the protection of steel reinforcement from corrosion, and the erosion of concrete due to chemicals and abrasion. Fosroc solutions play a major role in the waterproofing and protection of concrete against chemical attacks, joint-leaks, cracks and corrosion.

Fosroc can cover initial construction right through to refurbishment and decommissioning of water structures. Examples of projects we’ve worked on include the the largest desalination plant in Saudi Arabia – the Jubail Water Project, the Hali Dam in Qunfuda, and the improvement and repair of the Almerimar reservoir near El Ejido, Spain.

Our water solutions include:

  • A range of high performance and technically superior admixtures for concrete
  • A fully integrated range of highly durable waterproofing solutions for below and above ground waterproofing
  • Protection of external and internal concrete structure to ensure durability
  • Precision-engineered grouts to create a complete support for the base of a machine and for load transfer
  • A full range of innovative solutions for sealing expansion and construction joints
  • High performance mortars tested to EN 1504, for structural and non-structural repairs
Clean Water
  • A range of DWI and WRAS approved products to seal, protect and repair structures in contact with Potible Water.
  • Flexible and swellable water bars
  • Nitocote Protective coatings
  • Renderoc Repair mortars
  • Nitofil crack injection system
  • Nitoseal, flexible sealant
Treatment Works Building
  • Flat Roofs

    • Nitoproof fire-rated UV-Stable coating
    • Fosroc Polyurea waterproof spray-applied coating
    • Nitoseal joint sealants
    • Flamex fire-rated sealants

    Below Ground Structures

    • Proofex fully integrated range of waterproofing and drainage membranes and ancillaries
    • Supercast PVC and SW hydrophilic waterstops
    • Fosroc Polyurea waterproof spray-applied seamless coating

    Concrete Repairs & Coating

    • Renderoc repair mortars for reinstatement of damaged concrete and render.
    • Renderoc FC for reprofiling and sealing of concrete.
    • Dekguard coatings for protection from carbonation and chlorides.
    • Waterproofing & Protection

      • Nitoseal MS600
      • Hydrocell XL joint filler board

      Digester & Filtration Beds Repairs

      Durable repairs to:
      • Repairs to mechanically and chemically damaged concrete
      • Nitomortar S, Nitomortar FC/TC2000/EL
      • Nitofil LV
      • Renderoc SCV/DS/LA/GP
      • Nitocote EN 901, 100% solids high chemical resistance high build epoxy Novolac coating
      • Fosroc Polyurea WPE, high chemical, abrasion and flexible pure Polyurea elastomer

      Floor Coating

      • Nitoflor SL2000/3000, for seamless, hygienic, chemical & abrasion resistant epoxy self-smoothing flooring
      • Nitoflor FC150/ Nitoflor EPU100, for hard wearing, chemical & abrasion resistance coating
      • Nitoflor SL3000U/Nitoflor SL3000UT, for high chemical, abrasion and service temperature resistance PU Cementitious self-smoothing
Sewage / Water Tanks
  • Joint Solutions

    • Nitoseal MS600/Thioflex 600
    • Hydrocell XL joint filler board

    Settlement Tank Coating

    • Renderoc repair mortars for reinstatement of columns and fascias
    • Nitocote protection coating
    • Tank Construction

      • Supercast PVC and SW hydrophilic waterstops
      • Nitoseal MS600 joint sealant
      • Hydrocell XL Joint filler board

Water Case Studies

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